I have heard that pests are somehow related to asthma. Is this true?

A hugely unknown fact is that cockroaches (and mice) are leading and silent triggers of asthma attacks in both adults and children. The insects’ droppings, saliva and bodies in decomposition contain proteins of known allergen origins which easily trigger allergies and exacerbate the severity of an asthma attack.


Mosquitoes are such a common pest. Is it even possible to control them by chemical spraying?

It is widely believed that during pest control only chemicals apply to the treatment of homes. However, today a great portion of pest controllers use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. IPM’s success in controlling pests such as mosquitoes basically lies in the removal of the three integral things they need to survive – shelter, food and water. This method has been proven successful in practice and eliminates any risk of harm to people and their direct environment.


Why do I need more than one pest control inspection or treatment?

In most cases, one treatment is enough to exterminate the pest in question, but many animals lay their eggs in hidden areas within your home, which is often the reason for a recurring infestation. As the eggs hatch again (cockroaches and fleas, for instance) junior insects become noticeable and follow-up treatment is then needed in order to stop the life cycle before reproduction can start all over again.


I have nightmare thoughts regarding bed bugs. How can I treat these, if at all?

Bed bugs – the stuff horror movies are made of. These small insects live a largely nomadic lifestyle and survive on the blood of animals and / or humans. Infestations can include walls, floors, ceilings and beds. The problem with these guys is that they have slowly adapted to human environments, which makes them largely difficult to repel. Immediate action would be to isolate the infestation by vacuuming and securing the vacuumed dust, laundering all related clothing and bedding under high heat circumstances, removing all clutter from the affected environment and hiring a pest removal company to secure the building.