Suggestions To Help Keep Your Car Cool During The Summer  

The sweltering heat of warmer months can frequently make for an unpleasant experience. When a car has been parked in the heat for a while, getting inside it when it is already hot can be an unpleasant experience for the driver. When you step into a hot car, you are greeted with several unpleasant sensations, including scorching seat belt buckles, piping hot leather upholstery, and a dashboard and steering wheel that are on fire.

Even if you park your car in direct sunlight, there are some lifestyle adjustments you can make to help keep the interior temperature of your vehicle more comfortable. If you are unable to park your vehicle in a location that provides shade during the summer months, the following are some helpful tips for maintaining a cooler interior temperature in your vehicle.

Park Cleverly

If you have to be out and about on a particularly hot day, the best place to park your vehicle is in the shade of an unground parking lot. If this is not an option, you should search for trees to park beneath on the corners of a car park or the side of the roadway. It will be well worth the little bit of additional walking that is required. A shady spot at 11 a.m. might not be a shaded area at 3 p.m., so it’s crucial to be aware of where you park and think about what time you’ll be returning to your vehicle.

Make Use Of A Window Visor Or A Sunshade

This option provides relief from the sweltering heat that can build up inside your vehicle during the summer months and is a tried-and-true method of keeping your vehicle cool. Every time you get out of your car, even if it’s just for a few minutes, put a sunshade or window visor up, even if it’s not very hot outside. Installing a sunshade in the rear window of your vehicle will allow you to maintain a cooler interior temperature for a longer period.

Make Use Of A Dashboard Cover

A dashboard cover made of fabric or upholstery can be an effective way to make the interior of your vehicle feel more inviting. A dashboard cover will prevent the vinyl surface areas in your vehicle from becoming unbearably hot when touched and will effectively protect the vinyl from harm caused by the sun, which can result in cracking or fading.

Find a Way to Cover Your Steering Wheel

Even if you have a sun visor, you should still drape a small washcloth over the steering wheel to protect it from the sun. When you enter your car after leaving it parked in the heat, this will assist in the cooling of your steering wheel, allowing you to feel comfortable touching it.

Always Keep Some Windows Partially Open

It’s not recommended that you leave the windows wide open, but if you’re not in a secure location, it is a good idea to keep each window cracked open just a little bit if you are parked in a secure location. Check to see if your hand or arm can fit through the window. This is the safest option. However, this will enable air to flow through the interior of your car, which will in turn help to maintain the temperature at a more comfortable level.

Invest in a Fan That is Powered by Solar Energy

Even on the hottest days, the interior of your vehicle can feel comfortable and bearable with the help of a solar-powered fan, particularly if you leave the windows cracked just a crack. It accomplishes this by drawing hot air out of the vehicle and generating a steady flow of air circulation, which together result in a reduction in the interior temperature of your vehicle.

Cover the Seats With Blankets

When the sun is pelting down on something, it can cause the material to become extremely hot. If your vehicle has leather or vinyl seats, you probably understand how toasty these materials can get. You can keep the seats cool in the summer by laying bedding over them, and when you climb back in the car, you can easily place the bedding in the trunk or on the floor. This will keep the blankets from getting in the way of your driving.

Put Your Money Into Window Tinting

Tinted windows are a worthwhile investment for your vehicle, particularly if you live in a particularly hot climate or if you intend to keep your vehicle for an extended period. Tinted windows will do a much better job of cooling down your car than a window visor will. However, if your vehicle does not already have windows that are tinted, you can easily install car window tints for the summer and then take them off when they’re no longer required.

Ensure That Your Air Conditioner Is Serviced Regularly

Because summer has arrived in full force across the majority of South Africa, you will want to check that the air conditioner in your vehicle is operating properly before heading out on the road. In that case, you should take your vehicle in for maintenance so that the air conditioning can keep you comfortable during those extended drives in the heat.

Protect Valuables by Keeping Them away from the Sun

It is important to shield personal possessions from the sun such as devices, sunglasses, and other items. To keep them out of harm’s way, you should rather store them somewhere secure like the glove box, hidden away beneath seats, or even beneath blankets in the footwells of the vehicle.


If you want to keep your car at a comfortable temperature, using any of these strategies is preferable to using none of them. The sum of each of these efforts, on the other hand, will produce miraculous results. Furthermore to these pointers, you may also find it helpful to open the doors of your vehicle before getting inside. Doing so will allow some of the heat to escape before you get behind the wheel.

If you can park your vehicle in a shaded area, such as a carport or garage, you will have the best chance of maintaining the temperature of your vehicle throughout the summer. Because garages can get quite warm during the summer, even if you park your vehicle inside of one, it is still a great idea to crack the windows just a crack to allow some fresh air to flow into the interior of your vehicle.