The Best Early Spring Activities That South Africa Has To Offer

During the colder months of the year, you might look forward to staying inside and binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix. Nevertheless, spring is the greatest season for development and starting over, so it’s the ideal time, to begin with, something that seems like it would be a great deal of fun for you and the people you care about the most. Why not give a new activity a shot that fits in well with your lifestyle? There has got to be at least one thing that you’ve always thought would be cool to become skilled at.

Because we all have unique preferences and interests, it may be challenging to think of activities that everyone will take pleasure in participating in together. It’s possible that you’re more of an indoor individual and that your partner prefers the great outdoors. Or, perhaps your children are interested in attempting a brand-new art project. This spring, if you put some thought into it, you should be able to come up with several enjoyable activities and other things to do that the whole family can participate in.

Preparation is not a bad thing to do, regardless of whether you are putting together a schedule of springtime activities or merely daydreaming about something to look towards following the longest, coldest, and darkest day of winter. Therefore, we have compiled a list of activities that you could participate in during the spring; there should be something here that interests everyone.

Riding a Bike

There are thousands of trails all over South Africa that cyclists can take advantage of to get some exercise while also taking in the healthy atmosphere of the great outdoors. Nothing says “spring” quite like a refreshing morning ride on a bike to take in the sights and revel at the beginning of a new season.


Ziplining is widely regarded as one of the most exciting activities that can be experienced in South Africa; in fact, some people even have the good fortune to have a zipline installed in their backyards. When you go ziplining in the spring, you have the opportunity to see early sunrises that paint the landscape in softer tones. In addition to that, it’s an awesomely enjoyable pastime for children! There are places to go zip lining in the majority of the regions; some examples include the Karkloof Canopy Tour in KwaZulu Natal, the Waterbury Zipline in Limpopo, and the Cape Canopy Tours in the Western Cape.

Explore A Botanical Garden

It is a blessing for South Africa to possess some of the most incredible and stunning national botanical gardens in the world. Springtime is an excellent time to go hiking and get in touch with nature because of all the lovely flowers, fynbos, and twisting paths that are edged with herbs. Have a picnic with the kids or go for a walk with the whole family through the botanical gardens in your area.

Have a Braai

To begin a braai as soon as possible after the temperature begins to rise is practically ingrained in the mentality of every single South African. Our nation is home to several lovely public braai locations, at which you will be able to commemorate the arrival of spring with your loved ones in a manner that is truly South African.

Take a Ride on the Cable Car

As soon as the wind begins to die down, you’ll be able to make your way up the slope of Table Mountain in the cable car. The panoramic view that you’ll get from the top of the mountain will stay with you long after you’ve returned to the bottom. During the spring, the ideal time to go is in the late afternoon or early evening as the sun begins to set. Take advantage of the opportunity to take some breathtaking photographs of the setting sun over Table Mountain. If you stay close to the interior of the country, another option is to travel to Hartbeespoort and ride the Harties Cableway there.

Construct a Waterpark in Your Yard

Consider putting together some fun water sports for children to do in the garden if you live in an area that experiences spring temperatures that are significantly higher than the norm. Putting on a swimsuit and running through the water that is being sprayed from a sprinkler is one of the most enjoyable things that one can do. This is something that pertains to people of all different ages.

Build Yourself a Wind Chime

Creating wind chimes is an enjoyable art endeavor that you might not have tried before but is worth a shot. Wind chimes are a lovely accessory to add to a garden that has recently been sown in the spring. It can be a fun activity for the entire family to put them together and decide where in or around the house would be the best spot to hang them.


If you have spent the entire winter hiking on the same old trails, you might want to consider spring as the time of year to locate a good hiking trail. You can research more difficult trails that you’ll want to take on at certain websites. You could also spend the day hiking along a trail that offers a variety of activities and attractions that are suitable for families, such as waterfalls.

Watch a Film at a Drive-In Theater

Enjoying a movie under the stars at a drive-in theater in the winter can be unpleasant due to the cold weather, but spring is the perfect time to do so. On a warm evening, this could make for the ideal family outing or date night for a couple. Bring along some of your favorite snacks, wrap up in a blanket, and watch some of your all-time favorite films.

Create Your Own Garden

It is recommended that you plan the new look of your garden by adding some new elements. If you have a home garden, you will always have something to look forward to, no matter the time of year. You should go to the store and pick up some seeds of your preferred herbs, flowers, and veggies. You should also prepare in advance by purchasing some gardening equipment so that you will be ready to make the most of your gardening season.

Meals on the Beach Throughout the Year

There’s just something about enjoying a mug of java on the beach that makes you feel like you’ve reached the pinnacle of relaxation. Why don’t you just incorporate that into your spring? If you are fortunate enough to live within a half-hour drive of the coast, get up early one morning, fill a bunch of thermos flasks with coffee or another hot beverage of your choice, and walk to the beach to observe the sunrise over the water. If you arrive early enough, there is a good chance that there won’t be any groups, and the temperature in the spring is typically warm enough that you can sit and watch without feeling cold.

Cocktail Sunsets

When enjoyed while looking out over a body of water, sipping your favorite refreshing alcoholic beverage takes on a whole new level of deliciousness. To switch things up for date night, find a lagoon, dam, or beach, and truly enjoy a glass of wine or even some cocktails together with your significant other.

Road Trips

It’s likely been so long since you took a spontaneous trip with your family that you can hardly remember the last time you all piled into the car, drove to a nearby antique shop, or visited a scenic overlook. Even something as mundane as going on a trip or going for a drive can give the impression that you’re going on an exciting adventure, and during the spring you’ll have more opportunities to choose from.

Make a Springtime Appointment to Clean the Outdoor Areas

When winter is finally over, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. After you have cleaned the inside of the house, you should move on to the outside and rake up any fallen leaves, unwanted materials, or other clutters that were left over from the prior seasons. To make the activity a little bit more enjoyable and satisfying, prepare a delectable snack for after you’re finished and listen to some music on the outdoor speakers in your home.

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